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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (in regards to shows)

Q: How long is THE MIRACLE OF  SCIENCE Show?
The assembly for the upper grades (3rd-5th or 6th Grade) is 45 minutes of non-stop energy and interaction. The assembly for the lower grades (Pre-K through 2nd Grade) is 40 minutes in duration. However, we can adjust the time duration of the show(s) to accommodate your school schedule.

Q: What grades is the program designed for?
Students of all ages love our presentation. We perform for all grade levels, elementary-high school. However, our show is specially designed for students Kindergarten through Sixth Grade.

Q: What does the performer need for the show?
We ask that the school supplies: (Two) 6 or 8 foot tables, a large trash can, and a ready microphone. Please have these available in the performance area.

Q: How many students do you see for each show? Can my school have more than one show?
We generally have an audience of 200-450 students per show. Most schools choose to divide the school into two groups. With this format, we provide a 40 minute Pre-Kindergarten- 2nd Grade Assembly + a 45 minute 3rd Grade - 5th (or 6th) Grade Assembly.

Q: What’s in the content of the show and who presents the show?
Our SUPER COOL SCIENCE presentation consists of 10 Miracle of Science Experiments using Liquid Nitrogen, Dry Ice, and Dramatic Chemical Reactions! It is up to each individual school to decide whether the show will be educationally driven, or used as a reward (Fun Show). Stephen and/or Christina Wilson will present the show. They are the founders of Miracle of Science & are also registered vendors in the majority of Florida counties. Both Stephen & Christina have been cleared for appropriate background checks, Jessica Lungsford Act approved, have State Badge, and undergo drug tests annually.

Q: Are any of your chemicals dangerous or toxic?
No. Miracle of Science does not bring toxic chemicals into your school.

Q: Your show looks like fun. How messy does it really get? Will any experiments stain our floors, carpet, etc.?
Our science show is tons of fun! There are just a couple experiments that get really messy & we contain them. With 17 years’ experience, we have not ruined a school's floor, carpet, etc. In the very rare event that we may stain your carpet, floor, etc., Miracle of Science will gladly pay the expense to the items damaged.

Q: Do you give students the opportunity to participate in the show or call kids up on stage to help with experiments?
Yes, unless asked otherwise. We ask for volunteers for a few of our demonstrations and interested students raise their hands. For some demonstrations, such as making slime or snow, we call a couple students up on stage, to help with the demonstration. The student feels privileged to assist in the experiment 99% of the time. However, if we sense a student is shy, we gently allow them is opt out. We would never embarrass a student or make them feel unintelligent.


Q: When is The MIRACLE OF SCIENCE Show available in my area?
Q: Do you post your tour schedule on the web?
As one of FLORIDA'S most popular assemblies, our show slots can be hard to come by! Call us to find out when we’re in your neck of the woods. If we don’t travel to your area regularly, we can work with you to set up a tour in the future, particularly if you are able to help us find a couple nearby schools that also want to host our show.

Q: Can we get an insurance rider for your performance?
Yes. If your district requires proof of insurance, we can provide a certificate of insurance at no cost.

Q: Can we run this assembly as an awards assembly?
Yes. Inform us that your school is interested in utilizing Miracle of Science's service as a reward's assembly. What a great way to reward your students. Our demonstrations are so memorable. They will LOVE the demonstrations!


Q: How much does the show cost?
We offer three choices when hosting our show, including our Free Assemblies Option (see below).
1. Standard Fee- Standard price for 1 show, or discount for multiple shows. Email or call us to inquire pricing information.
2. In-School Field Trip- Price for show + every student receives a toy or science kit to take home.
3. FAO / Kids have a BLAST! (Free Assemblies Option)- Our most popular choice. No cost to school budget. Limited dates available. Serving Florida's top schools. Refer to our 2-page Request Form to see the conditions that apply.

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