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                                  ~~~ TWO CHOICES AVAILABLE FOR EVERYONE ~~~

Choose this format if you represent your school (administration, teacher, or PTA). This format is also for those that manage an after-school, summer, library, homeschool or similar organization.

1. Fee-Based Format: Pay a standard price for a Miracle of Science Show(s)

• DAYTIME SHOW (during school hours)- $400 per show during school year.
• FAMILY SCIENCE NIGHT SHOW- $400 per 45-minute family science night show. Not included with the all day package due to extended time overlay. If you wish to have both the all day package + family science night, that's awesome! Pice for both is $1,150.
• SUMMER SHOW- $350 per 45-minute show (June-August).
• ALL DAY PACKAGE- $750 for all day fun! From the first school bell till the last.

***DISCOUNTS- may be available, especially if you manage multiple sites (summer only).

 2. In-School Field Trip- Pay a standard price for show(s) + every student receives a take home toy or science kit.

                         ~~~ ONE CHOICE OF FORMAT (FOR SELECT SCHOOLS) ~~~

3. FAO / KIDS HAVE A BLAST! (Free Assemblies Option)- Our most popular choice!

• This format is not offered for those that manage an after-school, summer, library, homeschool or similar organization, due to enrollment size.
• This format is offered to Florida's top schools with a 500+ student enrollment, unless stated otherwise by your Miracle of Science rep.
• No cost to school budget.
• Limited dates available.
• Conditions apply. Refer to short, 2-page Request Form for all details (bottom of page).

This Format in summary: school obtains multiple daytime shows + an optional PM family science night show at no cost. In return, school allows students the opportunity to purchase a $1, $3, or $10 science kit. Students take home a 1-page flyer that provides product & price info. Students that wish to make a purchase have 3 days. Most convenient method of managing sales is 30-minutes before school begins in central location. All proceeds from science kit sales benefit Miracle of Science. This is how we make a profit.

                              ~~~WHAT IS INCLUDED WITH THE FAO OPTION ~~~

• One 45-minute show for 3rd-5th grade (daytime/in-school show)
• One 40-minute show for Pre-K - 2nd grade (daytime/in-school show)
• One 45-minute PM show for your families (optional & limited to availability). See below.

~ Time duration of shows may be adjusted to accommodate your school schedule.
~ For larger schools- Additional Shows can be scheduled at no additional charge; this will prevent overcrowded audiences.

~ About PM Show: This would be great for a Science Night, Science Fair Rewards Night, or just an exciting Family Night! Details: Night shows are based upon availability & reserved mainly for schools that schedule at least 2 day shows on the same day as the evening event. If you wish to schedule the evening show alone (no day shows), you have the option to pay for the show (call for pricing).

                            ~~~ FAO / KIDS HAVE A BLAST! ~ WHY IT WORKS? ~~~

B- Budget (School). Why pay for the shows when you can save that cash for a rainy day?           Or, textbooks…

L- Love. Kids LOVE the opportunity to be Jr. Mad Scientist at home.

A- Affordable. Science kits range from just $1 - $10.

S- Safe. Not only are our science shows safe, so are our science kits! We package only non-       toxic chemicals.

T- Teach. Together. Our shows & science kits are very educational & will inspire your                 students to learn about the world around them. Instructions and Scientific Explanations       are included in each science kit. Students & parents alike are eager to conduct these             incredible demonstrations together! Fantastic way to encourage parental involvement!
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