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Free Assemblies Option

Instead of paying a flat fee for the program, schools invite Miracle  of Science to perform at no cost.  In return, the school makes our $1, $3, and $10 science kits available to students to purchase for at least 4 days. Students that are interested have the option to make a purchase.  All proceeds from science kits benefit Miracle of Science.  Schools that qualify for the Free Assemblies Option are not obligated to purchase any kits; whatever sells, sells.  Traditionally, these sales are ran through either a school representative, adult volunteer, or PTA at a table set up during breakfast, lunch, and/or recess. However, upon request, we (Miracle of Science) can manage the selling & distributing of the kits, at no additional cost.  Let us know in advance if you are in need of our services.

Miracle of Science's science kits are a great way to get students excited & motivated about not only science but learning in general. 

The Free Assemblies Option:  What's Included AT NO COST TO OUR SCHOOL BUDGET? 
(1) 45 minute 3rd-5th Grade Assembly & (1) 40 minute Pre-K - 2nd Grade Assembly.  Time duration of shows may be shorter or longer to accommodate your school schedule.
For larger schools- Additional assemblies can be scheduled, to prevent overcrowded audiences, at no additional charge.  Furthermore, your school may qualify for an evening show (at no charge), in addition to the free day assemblies.  This would be great for a Science Night, Science Fair Rewards Night, or just an exciting Family Night! 

Keep in Mind:  All students should have the opportunity to see Miracle of Science since we do provide school wide assemblies.  Show times will need to accommodate Miracle of Science business schedule.   

FAQ about our popular Free Assemblies Option:

Q: What percentage of schools that inquire qualify for your Free Assemblies Option?
About 70%

Q:  If our school does not qualify for the Free Assemblies Option, do we have other options?
A: Yes, please contact us to see if you qualify for a discount; most schools do.

Q: What information do you need from us to verify our qualification for the Free Assemblies Option or discount?
Email this info:  your school name, county location, contact information such as best # to reach you at and/or email.  If there is a particular date (or month) you are interested in, let us know.  Our email address is:  info@miracleofscience.info

Q: Can you provide a product sheet that shows the items?
Yes, you can click here to view our $1 - $10 Science Kits- Reminder Flier/ Order Form.  This order form shows all kits that are available for purchase. 

Q: What are the contents and packaging of the science kits? Are there any harmful or possibly toxic chemicals included? Could anything contained in the kits cause a choking hazard?
Our Kits contain only non-toxic chemicals and/or toys. Nothing contained in our kits can harm a child. Our science kits are very popular and difficult to find at most stores, without being sold in bulk.
The packaging for the $1 and $3 science kit consists of:  non-toxic chemicals, simple plastic sandwich bag (which helps us to keep the cost affordable), colorful insert that provides instructions to perform the science demonstration, and written explanation of the science behind the experiment.  The packaging for the $10 Extreme Kit consists of:  non-toxic chemicals, a 12 oz. plastic jar, full color instructions & explanation of the science behind the experiment.

Q: Can you provide references from schools who have had your program come into our area?
A: Yes. Please email or call us to inquire about local references.

For additional information in regard to our Miracle of Science Shows, including background checks, qualifications, & outline of the assemblies, check out of SHOW FAQ page by clicking here.
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