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"Making Learning Miraculous"
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"Watch our 2 Minute Presentation Preview
to see why we have REPEAT CUSTOMERS
Year After Year!


PBS Kids aired a segment of our Miracle of Science
program through REAL SCHOOL!

MIRACLE OF SCIENCE provides exciting & educational school assemblies to initiate & heighten student interest in the fascinating subject of science.  Their incredible hands-on-approach to experimentation captivates students as they perform multiple demonstrations that emphasize Florida standards.

One of Florida's most popular elementary school assembly programs! The program consists of 10 super-cool science demonstrations, using liquid nitrogen, dry ice, & DRAMATIC chemical reactions.    

Click on the video above to view a 2 Minute Presentation Preview.

The fast-paced video consists of many clips of real audience footage. See the uniqueness & coolness of Miracle of Science!


The MIRACLE OF SCIENCE offers a variety of OUTSTANDING programs to choose from:

1. Educational School Assembly, In-School Field Trip or Reward Program?
At some point, your hard-working students will deserve a reward.
Treat them to an "On-the-edge-on-their-seat" Science Spectacular!

Click here for more information on our popular Free Assemblies Option.

2. Science Night
Have your school contact us for the COOLEST show ever booked for a Science or Family Night Event! Satisfaction Guaranteed! Click here for more information.

3.  Get your 5th Graders Florida Assessment Ready with our S.A.P.P.
4.  Extended Day Shows
Fee-based 45 minute presentation that consists of 10 amazing science demonstrations. 
Every child receives a free baggie of slime or snow to take home.  A real treat for your kids.


1. Create a large, exciting, thunder cloud, using liquid nitrogen.
2. Instantly shoot soap suds to the ceiling, using a catalyst powder.
3. Shatter a soft, rubber ball, using liquid nitrogen.
4. Shatter a carnation, using liquid nitrogen.
5. Create a mountain of bubbles, using dry ice.
6. Pour a gallon of water upside down (with no lid), without any water pouring out.
7. Create flying smoke rings.
8. Boil a liquid, in 1 second, using a catalyst powder.
9. Grow 1 tbsp of a liquid into a 4 foot foamy tower.
10. Vaporize objects before your very eyes.
11. Change air into a liquid, enabling you to "see" air.
12. Make snow, and our famous Slime
.... and more...

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